Procedo Maxime Rubber Flooring

Maxime Rubber’s ease of maintenance and durability provides the performance you need and expect, while the updated tone-on-tone marbling pattern provides subtle but impactful design character. Add those attributes with the additional benefits Maxime brings: superior slip resistance, the comfortable anti-fatigue properties of rubber, and the quiet sound control properties of rubber, and Maxime becomes the #1 solution for your hard-to-find commercial rubber flooring needs.

Multi-purpose: Education multi-purpose or general assembly areas, latchkey/daycare areas, animal care areas including veterinarian offices, doggy daycare or grooming areas.

Sports: Weight rooms, locker rooms, workout areas including free weight areas, under workout equipment, or in aerobic or stretching areas.

Retail: Sports areas, retail display areas, or general areas that receive heavy foot traffic or heavy rolling loads.

Procedo Maxime Brochure
  • 1/4” Homogeneous Layer of PVC-Free Rubber provides durability and ease of maintenance that provides long-term flooring solutions.
  • Ease of maintenance – requires no floor finishes in its maintenance program.
  • Superior residual indentation resistance which means Maxime Rubber Flooring is perfect for free weight areas, workout equipment, or areas with heavy rolling loads.
  • Hammered texture provides a subtle texture that is easy to maintain while also offering excellent slip resistance and anti-fatigue properties.
  • Non-porous surface is resistant to absorption of soils, spirits, and moisture; excellent resistance to chemical staining.


  • 5 Year for Weight Room or Athletic Applications
  • 10 Year for Other Applications, see warranty document for details

Tile Size: 24″ x 24″ Tiles

Gauge: 1/4″ (.250″)

Weight: Approximately 9 lbs per tile

Packaging: 8 tiles per carton

Texture: Hammered

Color Pattern: Tone-On-Tone Marble

  • Durable PVC-Free formula reduces the needs for chemical intensive (strippers and waxes) maintenance program.
  • FloorScore certified.

Ease of maintenance – Maxime Rubber Flooring requires significantly less floor maintenance and chemicals than standard commercial flooring products.

  • Initial – Wet scrub with neutral pH cleaner, dry buff for luster.
  • Daily – Sweep, Dust Mop or Vacuum to remove dirt and particulates.
  • Routine – Wet scrub with neutral pH cleaner, dry buff to increase luster.
  • Sealer and/or Finish – Not required, can be applied to improve maintenance procedures.
Maxime Custom Colors and Shapes
Procedo Maxime Rubber Flooring

Custom colors

In addition to the stock color offering, Maxime Rubber Flooring can be produced in custom colors to match your design palette, paint colors, corporate branding or just about any other hue under the sun. No additional charge for custom color orders 500 sq. ft. and larger. Contact us for pricing on smaller square footage.

Waterjet shapes, patterns and logos

Expand your layout and design options beyond the stock 24″ x 24″ tile with various shapes to maximize your options. Transform your design with precision waterjet-cut hexagons, octagons or smaller insets to create unique patterns.

Our waterjet capabilities also can turn your athletic logo or corporate mark into an impressive and noteworthy part of your sports facility, school or office flooring. Create visual interest while reinforcing your brand.