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Select colors below to view Procedo products and request samples. Samples are shipped free of charge as available (maximum 3 samples per product color/style) using Ground shipping. For special situations or requests, please contact Procedo Customer Service at (866) 955-8291.

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Maxime Rubber Flooring

Maxime Plus Rubber Flooring

Versa Quartz U.S. Collection – Original

Versa Quartz U.S. Collection – Tone-on-Tone

Versa Quartz European Collection – Classical

Versa Quartz European Collection – Solid

Versa Quartz European Collection – Large Speckled

Versa Quartz European Collection – Small Speckled

LOOM+ Pin Stripe

LOOM+ Accents

LOOM+ Cord

LOOM+ Hand-Stitch

LOOM+ Vintage

LOOM+ Knit

LOOM+ Craft

Wall Base and Accessories

Available in 4’ Lengths (30 pieces per carton) or 120’ Coils.

For use with Versa Quartz tile.
Available in 12′ lengths.

For use with joining Versa Quartz tile to medium/heavy plush carpet or carpet tile. Available in 12′ lengths.

Available in 40′ lengths.

For use with Sylvana Click flooring. Transition from Sylvana Click to VCT, Sheet Rubber or Vinyl, or other 2mm-3mm tile products. Available in 12’ lengths.

For use with Sylvana Click or Gratia Click product. Undercut 1/4” Carpet Edge Guard with 2” transition. Available in 12’ lengths.